This is Gor,~ Be warned and aware~ Gor is Harsh

Combat Rules

All Weapons must be stated in profile.  If they are not, then You don't have them with You.

Asperiche will not recognise the use of 777 attacks. The reason being  macro attacks have become prevalent and the old way of seven words is no longer practical as much more detail has become required to make 777 valid.

After looking at several variations Asperiche has decided to use basic spar moves and rules in turn base.This is Our Standard Turn base melee

Any attack in Asperiche must use turn based using the following rules

The beginning or intent post must state the distance you are from your foe, His name, the weapon you intend to attack with and a notice of intent. Then you must post a time stamp. (See notes below how to make a macro time stamp).

*Warrior1: Walks into Asperiche moves to face Warrior2 who is 10ft from me. Taking my short sword in my rt hand , I look to foe and say "Foe arm Your self !  

Warrior1: 4:04:34 PM

Warrior 1 now has 1 minute to do His attack post

*Warrior1: Walks forwards 8 ft to try to be within 2 ft of Foe and tries to remain faced to Him as I try to swing sword rt to lft at His neck 

 Warrior1: 4:05:34 PM

Warrior2 now has 2 minutes to reply and defend this attack, then to perform His attack

*Warrior2: tries to lift shield on lft arm trying to block His sword attack to My neck and tries to thrust sword in rt hand towards his gut

Warrior2: 4:07:17 PM

Warrior 1 now has 2 minute to do His defence and attack post

 *Warrior1" moves 3ft lft turn to face while trying to swing shield on lft arm rt to lft trying to parry his sword to My lft, then tries to swing sword rt to left at His lft shoulder*

 Warrior1: 4:08:36 PM 

This sequence is repeated until 20 mins has passed with Warrior 1 having the last defence.

If your attack/defence hasn't been answered within one min then proceed with your next attack.

To make a time stamp on gcn go to options, macro editor in the trigger I use the words time now with no space, in the message window type %time. Each time you then type time now the time on your computer will appear on the screen. This will show an exact time including seconds and is an advantage not only to the fighters but for judging.

Basic rules

You must state the name of the person you are attacking in your intent post.

You must state distance in the first attack

You must state weapon and what hand you have it in

You must state how you move this weapon to attack eg:trust, swing, slash and direction

You must try or attempt your attacks and defences

You must state what You are defending

You cannot move after the "said" attack action has been done

eg tries to swing sword rt to lft at His throat  *and then moves 6 ft lft and turns to face* ( is invalid) see example above !

There is no need to try or attempt to draw or drop a weapon

You must be aware if he or you move sideways or circle you must turn to face.

You must state try if you are trying to maintain a distance and facing your foe, state how you intend to do this,

eg.  turns lft or rt as I follow his moves with him trying to get and keep to 4ft and remain turned to face.

Allowed abbreviations are lbs, ft, rt and lft

A forced post is the stating of an outcome or not trying or attempting an action

eg.  thrust sword across his arm seeing it slash His bicep.

Weapons must be stated in your profile and you may use up to four attack weapons and two defensive weapons.

In the case of a dispute each combatant may elect to have their own judges give a verdict and these judges will be unbiased and it would be an advantage for them to discuss it.

Judgements must state why they have been judged this way, stating the reasons for the judgement going the way it does.