This is Gor,~ Be warned and aware~ Gor is Harsh

General Role Play Rules

The following short but vital list of "general rules" for Gorean roleplay were discussed and agreed upon by the City of Turia, Ushindi Warrior Camp, Island of Asperiche, City of Rovere, and the Alar Wagon Camp. These rules will not be forced upon anyone who does not reside/roleplay within these places or any other place that wishes to uphold these rules as their own. Any Home who wishes to adopt these rules or who have any questions regarding the below rules may contact the leaders of any of the afformentioned homes that took part in their creation for clarification.
Time Away: Time away from Gorean Roleplay in all facets in the event of death/retirement of a Character will be fourteen days(earth days) away. Since this is fourteen days away and not just fourteen days, return can only be done on the fifteenth day at the earliest after death/retirement.
"Shelving": The act of shelving is defined as bringing back an already dead/retired character. Once a character is retired it may not be ressurected again, it is for all intents and purposes gone.
Returning: The conditions for returning from time away for death or retirements are as follows. One must choose a new name, new Caste, and new Home. They may not Lead a home, return to their old Home, Station, Free Companion, slaves, nor train for the Caste they had in the previous Character life for at least a period of three months(earth time).
Duallers: Duallers will be exposed with the proper proof between the Homes upholding these rules as their own as well as in the remaining press(es), as well as banned from said Homes.
Zones: Sanctioned Zones, due to their origins have little purpose in Gor anymore. They began when a rash of non Gorean roleplayers began entering Gorean Rooms just to start trouble. Because this is a rare occurance anymore Sanctioned Zones are hereby abolished within the Homes that choose to uphold these rules as their own. Instead No Zones and Safe Zones will be implimented in the appropriate areas of said Homes for the reason that there were no safe zones on Gor however for slave gardens there were a degree of heightened security and thus the safe zones are appropriate. When Men of the Home are present a Home should be No Zones.

Suicide: No suicide to escape a roleplay you don't necessarily "like" (such as a collar, capture, punishment, etc etc etc) will be recognized in Asperiche. Suicide in Asperiche is defined as Initiating a roleplay by yourself, or with others, that ends in your death by means other than being killed by a Free Person (Played Character). Meaning that if you start a RP to get yourself killed by an NPC party from inside or outside Asperiche (human or animal), it wont be recognized.
For those of you who would attempt to commit suicide by performing intentional acts such as falling down and landing on your head, trying to drown yourself; Depending on the situation it will either be completely disallowed as if it never happened, or it may be deemed to have happened and the effects as minimal as possible(most likely counting out death). If you are collared and wait to try and kill yourself in a manner like this, It will merely be disallowed.

Signed By:
Ludo Cain, Ubar of Turia
Rowan of Ushindi
Midael, Chief of the Alar
Judas of Asperiche
Chevron of Rovere