This is Gor,~ Be warned and aware~ Gor is Harsh

kajirii rules in the home

the following  notes will help you understand the very basic survival in Asperiche. Read it, because you will be expected to know it however long you have been in this home

Enter a room.

For visiting slaves there will be no karta necessary to enter into the Asperiche. A kneel of obeisance, with eyes low and begging to enter will suffice. a Karta is an onlinism

Entry will be from the kennels unless you have left the gardens/Main Hall for any reason. One post should be made describing your passage from the kennels to the slave mats in the gardens. No karta is done ( it is an onlinism) nor will a slave ever beg to enter her home. After she has kneeled at the mats, a slave will then beg to greet the Free



Greet the Free

All Freemen will be addressed as Master. Free Women addressed as Mistress.

No slave will greet a FreePerson NOT of the Home until that Free has been granted entry/greeted by a Free OF the home. This gives a certain amount of safety to the slaves, in that to acknowledge a Person entering is to acknowledge Their roleplay and Their actions which occur thereafter, ie an Assassin, Raider, Slaver. If you are on your own when a Free arrives who your dont know and you feel uncomfortable, then call upon a Free who isnt in the room but who is allied to the Home or failing that leave quickly by "x"ing out. 

No slave will speak the name of a Free and so it will be an action as follows

/me Looks to the boots of Master Judas and says softly

"Greetings Master"

The /me is the action sign in gcn


The exception  to this is FreeMen from the North, Torvaldsland and that area. FreeMen from here will be  addressed as "Jarl. "

It is therefore important to check the profile of any new FreeMen entering the room, if you have never seen them before. If in doubt with any Free a slave will address them as Master.

The Order of the Greetings should be as follows

If a slave is personally owned then the Owner should be greeted first  and then the following order

HoC ( Master Judas)
FreeMen of the Home
Visiting FreeMen

FC of the HoC
FreeWomen of the Home
Visitng FreeWomen

slaves of the home in order ( fg, sg, tg's)
visiting slaves


Beg to go afk

If you will be away from the keyboard  for only a very short time 5/10 minutes or less, you will beg to go "Away From the Keyboard" 

known as afk

You beg to the Free in general " slave begs to go afk"


you are at the boots of a FreeMan/ FreeWoman and then you will beg to them..

When you return then you "beg to return" and go back to where you were, ie. the slave mats or the boots of the FreePerson you were at.



Leave the Home

When you are leaving you will beg to the Free as you would to go afk

"slave begs to leave " 

adding to this that you want to kennel/ leave for r/t issues/ or for any other reason..

you will then give well wishes to the Free  in the same order that you greeted them.

If the room is busy, then a collective      " slave gives well wishes to the Free " and " serve with hearts sister" will do. This only  happens in exceptional circumstances, or you have been given permission to leave in this manner.



Leave in an emergency

Some times real time grabs us by the throat and we have to leave quickly. This is excepted by the Free of the home.

In these circumstances you will leave in this manner

" slave begs to leave she has a 911/ emergency."

You will be allowed to leave, but on your return always be in a position to let the Free know why you left so urgently, if asked.