This is Gor,~ Be warned and aware~ Gor is Harsh

General Rules of Asperiche

Rules Of Asperiche

Asperiche is an Island, therefore the only way to get here is by boat or Tarn. We have armed guards patrolling the beach.

 The City of Asperiche is located one pasang from the beach and is heavily guarded with armed guards at the gates. There are 3 levels of tarn wires above the roof and walls of the City. Role-play entrance is expected.

Asperiche is a role-play Home. Each Member will have a Caste and practice Their Caste.

  Asperiche City Hall is Our arena and is No Zones its GOR.

Asperiche does not accept onlinisms.  This includes use of Kassar and sweetened serves

Asperiche is a restricted scening Home. Furring will be taken to private Chambers or the alcoves.

Asperiche does Not acknowledge any NON human roleplay* ( animals etc) 


A Free Man will act with HONOR always.

Men will act in accordance to Their Caste

The slaves here work hard to be pleasing, enjoy them, but be warned do not damage


Free Women will act as such, as per the books all Free Women shall have a Escort, the use of NPC Guards is fine, say it in the entry post is all that is required.

"walks in with Her 2 Guards close behind, and so on"

Women commonly travel outside the cities only accompanied by a sufficient group of armed guards. They do not commonly travel with only a single guard. It can be very dangerous for women outside the cities. Even within the cities, some women will travel with guards though they are more apt to only travel with a single guard. This would apply more for women of High Caste or high station who can afford such protection. The average Peasant women would not walk around Ar protected by an armed rarius.

 yes a Free Woman was a prized position on Gor, but if You are acting as a slave and courting the collar You will be given what You want.

 And if You feel the need to walk out of a "discussion" with a Free Man and He is not finished, You will be brought to task for Your actions.

As Asperiche is a trading port, and many Women pass, *veils are optional~ as per Their Caste 

FW with ost pins in their hair will not be acknowledged as its a onlineism , unless a quote is produced to back it up

Asperiche will accept pins in clothes

"It is not wise to try to tear away the garments of a free woman with one's bare hands. They may contain poisoned needles." (Beasts of Gor, p.402)


slaves remember that you are nothing more then property but you will show honor just as any Free will on Gor.

 you are to do as you are told and when you are told, there is no back talk to Any Free, period or you could end up chained to the whipping post and whipped or impaled and brought to task.

you have the last word in any conversation "Yes Master/Mistress" or "No Master/Mistress…"

slaves will not use the name of the Free. When greeting action to Them and then greet.


slave: looks to the boots of Master Judas

slave: Tal Master / greetings Master


* slaves are allowed to talk in the 1st, as it is in the books, but We prefer the third as its in the books also *

We request they talk as a slave 

Who!" she demanded. "I did," I cried. "I did!" "Speak as a slave!" demanded Ute. "El-in-or betrayed Ute!" I cried. "El-in-nor betrayed Ute!" (Captive of Gor, page 287)

slaves maybe permitted to visits at the discretion of the Home, where they will serve and interact. On the third visit they shall either beg collar or leave.

We do not tolerate lazy slaves. All slaves, whether of Asperiche or visiting are expected to serve as per their restrictions.


Asperiche will abide with the Green Caste diagnosis and treatment of an injured Warrior. Any Member of the Green Caste will be kept safe when treating in Our Home.


Asperiche will abide with the Physician/Healer/Green Castes diagnosis, and any treatment prescribed.  The scrolls showing how the injury was received must accompany any Injury being treated that was received outside the home.


Personal slaves will abide by their Owners rules on traveling. City slaves will travel where permitted by the High Council of the Homestone and when allowed to do so. ws are NOT allowed travel period.


Slave is to be caged until either a High Council member is able to administer punishment or their personal Owner is reached to administer punishment.


Travel depends on what cities We have treaties with and the High Council will have to discuss this issue. Check with any of the High Council if Y/you are unsure. Remember ws slaves are NOT allowed travel…period. Free Women remember there are some Gorean Cities that require You to travel with an Escort.(The use of NPC's is accepted)


Traveling without permission or where not allowed.

Disrespecting any Free Person.