This is Gor,~ Be warned and aware~ Gor is Harsh

The week of a slave

A Week in the life of a slave of Asperiche

"ALL" slaves are expected to be in the Home for a reasonable amount of time to serve and be pleasing  to the Free

There is a work roster that "ALL" slaves have to read  and complete 2 set chores per week

"All" slaves no matter of their  prior training will be trained and tested to the requirements of Asperiche, so there fore will also have a set training assignment to do



slaves steps to a serve !!

Steps to a Serve

Never cut and paste a serve. Each serve must be done individually, with flair and grace. Try to be descriptive, describe how you look, how you move, your emotions. Paint a mental picture for the Free you are serving.

* Once in serve "never" acknowledge anyOne else, as your mind is to be totally focussed on the Free you serve. *


 Approach and kneel into nadu or tower, dependant on your silk level and whether you are begging to serve a FW or FM 

 Listen carefully to the order given and repeat it, at this point it should be asked how the Free wish it to be served ie black wine and any preference of  vessels

 Move back before turning around and make your way to the kitchen

 Select a vessel, inspect it for any imperfection or mar. Rub it over your breast, inner thigh

  In the case of a FW over the inside of your forearm. DO NOT test the rim on your throat, face or wrist, as this could damage the property of the Free. 

Wipe the vessel clean of any dust.

Move to the hearth or cold storage and fill the vessel with the required drink to the rim.

 Return to the Free. Be as descriptive as possible. Tell them with words exactly what you are doing, thinking, and feeling.

 .Kneel in nadu (or tower as appropriate, see above).  and raise arms up offering the drink, telling the Free what you have brought Them.

 Do not "fish" for compliments by asking them if you have been pleasing, the fact of the matter is you should ALWAYS be pleasing

Thank Them for the honor of allowing you to serve Them after they accept it, and ask to be of further service.

  Depart, but only once you have been dismissed

slave roleplay home rules

"My head down, following Eta's example, I ate the gruel. We were given no spoons. With our fingers and, like cats, with our tongues, we finished the gruel. It was plain. It was not sugared or salted. It was slave gruel." --Slave Girl of Gor, page 68
slave will NOT us utensils to eat, and when been fed from the hand they shall use NO hands, take the food in their teeth.

Drinks of Gor


 Gorean ale is closer to a honey lager than to an ale or beer...a deep gold in color, and brewed from the grains of Gor and hops imported from urth in the early years. *Serve in a chilled tankard*

Bazi tea

 An herbal beverage of leaves seeped in hot water and heavily sugared traditionally drunk three tiny cups at a time, in rapid succession. The tea from Bazi is very much like the orange pekoe of Urth. It is served in higher-class establishments.


 Same as Urth coffee; traditionally served with yellow and white sugars and bosk, kaiila or verr milk, and in tiny cups, although in most taverns it is served in mugs. It is grown on the slopes of Thentis and is believed to have been acquired on an urthen Voyage of Acquisition. If asked to serve it "second slave", the kajira serves it black. *Serve in a heavy mug*

Bosk Milk

 Milk from the Bosk. It is rich, thick and sweet. Breeding wine: a sweet beverage that counteracts the effects of slave wine, making a slave girl fertile; also called second wine, it is made from the extract of the teslik plant.


 Made from beans brought back on one of the early Voyages of Acquisition, this is the same as the chocolate of urth. It is served in higher-class establishments. *Serve hot in a heavy mug or cold in a goblet*


 Hot paga, chocolate and whipped cream. *Serve in a heavy mug or bowl*



A very potent dry white or red wine, made from the fruit of the Ka-la-na tree. Some of the best comes from the city of Ar. The drink symbolizes romantic love. It is served, chilled or warm. *Serve in a goblet*


 A beverage generally served hot from copper kettles. Alcoholic beverage made of ka-la-na wine diluted with citrus juices and mixed with strong spices and sliced fruits, served hot. Served like beer, it is cheap and tastes good until you get to the bottom of the kettle! *Serve in a heavy mug*


 Can be bosk milk, verr or kaiila.Mulled Ka-la-na: heated ka-la-na, with mulling spices. Usually garnished with a piece of ka-la-na fruit or tospit. *Serve in a goblet*


 (Abbr. of Paga-Sa-Tarna, lit. 'Pleasure of the life-daughter'): a grain-based, lumpy, distilled hard liquor akin to whiskey; sometimes served warm, this is the drink most often served in tavern. Usually known as paga. It is brewed from the grain of Sa-Tarna and is similar to Urthen whiskey. It symbolizes physical love (lust).

Sul Paga

 It is brewed from the Sul. Sul paga is clear, lumpy drink, very strong and similar to Urthen vodka. It also symbolizes physical love (lust). *Serve in a footed bowl in most taverns; however, in the Gardens it is served in paga goblets*

Sand Kaiila Milk

 Milk from the Sand Kaiila. It is reddish and salty and high in ferrous sulfate.

Slave Wine

 Brewed from bitter herbs, acts as a contraceptive. Drunk once per month, although a girl does not serve this wine, rather, her Master would give a slave this.


 A dry wine made from Ta grapes from the Isle of Cos. *Serve at room temperature, or warm, in a tankard or goblet*


 Spring water from the mountains or from the liana vine or carpet plants from the rain forest area inland of Schendi.