This is Gor,~ Be warned and aware~ Gor is Harsh


Asperiche is an Island;

 therefore the only way to get here is by boat or Tarn. A Role played landing on the Island is the only way to be recognized as been here. We have armed guards (like Our Killer Chubby on the left) patrolling the beach.

The City of Asperiche is located one pasang from the beach, and is set behind a 50 ft High solid Rock wall that surrounds the city, and is heavily guarded with armed guards at the gates. There are Guard Houses at each side of the gates and along the top of the wall spread at even distances.

The Guard Houses have containers of oil at the ready to pour down on any Raiders, which is held in sealed containers and multiple sandbags in case of a spill to contain a fire.

There are 3 levels of tarn wires above the roof and walls of the City. Each Building has steel shutters that can be close to block anything been fired through the Windows.

Atop of the Buildings are large water Barrels with openings and large cones to catch any rains, which can be opened to dowse any fire.

The city Hall is some 50 yards from the main Gates, and has large 30ft solid doors at least 6 horts thick, that may be locked from the inside.

Role-play entrance is expected

The Black Smith

Asperiche has a fully operational forge that creates basic tools to the finest weapons

The Bakery


    Asperiches Bakery makes the finest

    Breads , cakes and tarts etc across Gor

    There is some thing here to tempt any One

The Shoppe

The Merchant Shoppe is located within the City walls on the Island of Asperiche. All laws of Asperiche apply and any inappropriate messages will be forwarded immediately to Judas.

The Shoppe is always well lit with tharlarion lamps along with a blazing fire to aid in Your comfort as You look through the vast array of wares offered.

Please come in, relax, and take Your time looking through the well stocked shelves and racks. There is sure to be something to help relieve You of some of Your coin *smiles


The kitchen

Asperiche kitchen is fully stocked with a array of vessels to serve what evers ordered

The Hearth

There is always some thing on the cook, so sit back and enjoy the sensational foods and hot drinks